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Agape Sponsorships
Image: Agape Girl from Dhule

God’s love invests.

Sharing God‘s love in the world and being the hands and feet of God for others: This is what Agape means. A programme where poor and disadvantaged people in local churches can receive first-hand support and equal chances with others. They receive food and medical aid, private tuition lessons and vocational training where required, as well as financial support for widows and orphans. It even includes a project helping the tea pickers in Sri Lanka.

You can support this project with your sponsorship.

Image: Agape project sponsorships

What does a „project sponsorship“ mean?

The money from the project sponsorship flows into the total pot of the respective project. In this way it does not just benefit certain individuals, but instead all those involved in the project, who are then provided for, supported, encouraged and protected.

This type of provision gives the local staff the most optimal way to distribute the aid amongst all those who are in need, according to their own current situation.

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This means that the sponsor is not able to receive any personal information or facts about any one individual, but instead a report on the progress of the whole project.This protects those receiving aid who do not always want their details published about their plight or that of their children.

In the regular INDIA NEWSLETTER as well as the AGAPE-MAGAZINE we report on the developments in the individual Agape projects. In this magazine we provide very personal stories of the lives of certain individuals, who have given us permission to use their stories and to publish them, so that they can give a face to the project work and share specific prayer requests.

The amounts mentioned are rough guidelines on the cost of providing adequate financial support for a specific person in each group for one month. Naturally we are very pleased to receive higher or lower sums (part-sponsorship) to support the individual projects!

Image: Agape Girls project

Girls project

Rescue and protection for girls who are not wanted in India and therefore millions of girls are aborted, or simply killed after birth.

Sponsorships make it possible for girls to stay in their families through financial support. Our local churches have contact to certain families and by providing regular financial support the families can be encouraged to let their daughters live, to provide well for them and to send them to school. Home visits make it possible to keep a check on the families concerned and moreover also a chance to share the Gospel with these families.

Sponsorships also make it possible to run a day-care centre, which provides protection for the girls during the day, and will later make it possible for them to attend school, as well as providing nourishing meals and good care.

Sponsorship: 30€

Image: Agape Kids projects

Kids projects

Education and a future for kids from poor backgrounds, for half-orphans, or orphans and for children from pastors and staff workers.

Sponsorships make it possible to financially support children in need within their own families, by taking on the costs of school fees and school supplies.

Sponsorships also make it possible to pay for the rent and the wages of teachers in the „tuition centres“, where the local churches provide free tuition lessons, homework support and extra support for example for language classes for children.

Sponsorship: 30€

Image: Agape Dhule project

Dhule project

Dignity and a future perspective for the women and children in Dhule. In one area there are 30 families living with almost 100 children. The women in this area all work as prostitutes in order to provide for themselves and their families. It is not possible for the kids to attend a normal school. For the girls this means that sooner or later they will end up working as prostitutes as well.

Sponsorships make it possible for us to provide alternative job training courses for the women, for example to work as dressmakers or with type-writers, as well as setting up a private school where the kids can learn without any disturbances. The costs include the rent for the teaching rooms and the wages of the teachers. We believe the women and children of Dhule should be able to live a normal life again – a life as human beings and not as goods.

Sponsorship: 30€

Image: Agape Church projects

Church projects

Support and encouragement for churches and social projects, for church planting projects, for pastors and staff members and their families and for Christians suffering from persecution.

Sponsorships make it possible to finance regular wages for pastors and their full-time staff members, so that they can be freed to serve; Also to rent buildings, or construct buildings for church events; To run various social projects, such as sewing schools to train women, or distributing food to those in need (e.g. street kids) and to finance events and conferences for unity and encouragement of persecuted churches.

Sponsorship: 100€ (or part-sponsorships of any amount)

Image: Agape Widow project

Widow project

Care and security for widows, who in India are often left to fend for themselves, live on the margins of society and receive no help from the state.

Sponsorships enable local communities to support widows financially so that they can pay their rent regularly and ensure that basic needs are met. This is achieved through both financial support and in-kind contributions such as food and clothing as well as practical help in everyday life.

Sponsorship: 60€

Image: Agape Tea-picker project

Tea-picker project

(Sri Lanka)

Help and support for tea-picking families of Indian origin who live and work in the mountains on the plantations in small colonies under the most difficult conditions and are largely unreached by the gospel.

Sponsorships enable the financial support of local employees, the realisation of aid missions in cooperation with the communities in India and the local community in Sri Lanka and the support of the children's school education through the distribution of school materials.

Sponsorship: 30€

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