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    Christian Initiative for India

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    Christian Initiative for India


Who we are

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We live for the restoration of the Church. In India, Germany and worldwide. Because Jesus is worth it – because the world needs it.
For this reason we are committed to outreach and prayer, to training people and to planting and restoring churches.

What we do

We support a large Federation of Churches in India (donations) – run social and missionary projects for children, as well as women and girls (sponsorships) – help persecuted Christians (campaigns) – support missions to and from India (outreach projects) – build the Kingdom of God through prayer and worship (prayer days and prayer houses) – train people for “Church and Missions” (discipleship) – invest in existing churches and plant new churches in India, Germany and worldwide (church)

Taking on a sponsorship

Invite us

We would be very pleased to visit your church and to report on our work in person, or via Zoom. Regardless of whether it is a church service, home group, prayer group, teenagers’ group or scouts, we want to excite this generation and to motivate them to carry out the great commission which Jesus gave us – to make disciples of all nations.

Donation Project of the Month

Helping people to help themselves

Image: village with cows

With a donation of a water buffalo/dairy cow, or a start-up capital for founding a business, you can enable the family of a pastor in Odisha to survive. They can then be set free to work in full-time ministry for the church and to spread the Gospel.


Quote from Subash Digal, church leader in Odisha:
“Everything has changed since we got the dairy cow. My family no longer has to go hungry and we can work even harder for the church.”

Quote from Pramod Pradhan, church leader in Odisha:
“The dairy cow has really helped our family to survive! The financial freedom we now have from the dairy business will drastically change the life of our family and our church for the better. Thank you so much!”
Over 20% of India’s population live on less than 1.60 Euro per day. 189.2 million people are malnourished and every day 3,000 children die from hunger and poverty.

The pandemic has worsened the situation of the poorest of the poor, as many have now lost their job and the little income which they had.
Pastors in unreached areas have been hit particularly badly. Mostly they only have a small church with 20 or 30 believers and live from the church collections of their church members, which have been virtually non-existent since the start of the pandemic.

A water buffalo, a dairy cow or the start-up capital to found a small business to the sum of Euro 1,000 per pastor’s family will help them to become self-sufficient. The income generated through the sale of milk and yoghurt or the revenue from the small business will help them to keep a roof over their heads and provide one warm meal a day for the whole family. It is a sustainable method to help them to help themselves, and allows the pastors to provide for their families with dignity.

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Sharing God’s love.

Through sponsorships.
Patenschaften Agape Ministries: Schulmädchen

Become a part of the success story.

These small sponsorships make a very big difference in the lives of individuals. As a sponsor you are starting a new success story, which would not be possible without you! Your regular giving means that socially disadvantaged people can receive the same chances as others. In this way they can experience God‘s love in a very practical and personal way. 


Agape Ministries is the new sponsorship programme of CIfI. When you take on a sponsorship, you support the various projects run by our partner churches in India. And what is it about?

  • Child sponsorships
  • Girl sponsorships
  • Project sponsorships
  • Widow sponsorships
  • Pastor sponsorships
  • Tea picker sponsorships

All information here:

Emergency Aid Blog

Surviving in the pandemic
Image: Kids at a garbage dump

During the pandemic countless people have lost their job and their source of income. 30% of the population are now living beneath the poverty line. Each act of aid helps to reduce the bitter need of the poorest of the poor in India.

We are writing this blog to draw attention to the current desperate plight of those in need in India – and to show how we can help them.


We support a Christian church association
Gemeinde in Indien
What we support »

We support a large Christian church association in India. 
The focal points are:

  • Evangelism and church building in various federal states.
  • Theological and practical training.
  • Prayer for revival in India.
  • Support and encouragement for persecuted Christians.
  • Social missionary projects for children, women and girls.
  • Disaster relief by local churches.

Sri Lanka

We support families of teapickers
Sri Lanka: Kids aus Teepflückerfamilien
What we support »

In Sri Lanka we support Tamil families (originally from India) who live and work in the tea and vegetable plantations in the central highlands of the island under inhumane conditions. The focus is on the following areas:

Actions to promote school education by providing school materials and tutoring, improved care and nutrition in day centres for children.
Training and education courses for women.
Improvement of medical care through medical camps and individual case help.

CIfI Centre

CIfI Zentrum
What we offer »

Cultural training for Germany and abroad, mission school and preparation weeks, outreach to Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal), internships and Profilers programme, open seminars around church and mission as well as prayer are the offers of the CIfI centre. There are also public appointments and open prayer meetings.

On request, ourstaff is happy to visit Christian churches to organise services and events, to preach or report. There is also the option of qualified cultural training in churches.

Current Events


Unser CIfI-Shop
Shopping and doing good things »

The CIFI SHOP offers you our own designs on cool outfits. And beautiful things from India - our heartland.

All proceeds flow into our work - so you do something good and get something beautiful!

Sorry: our shop is only available in german language and we ship only inside Germany. But please contact us, if you find a product that you like: we will make a way...

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CIfI Contact

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please use the german Evangelische Bank accout, see above. There will not be extra costs if you send it as SEPA only.

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