Blog: Corona Emergency Aid

We write this blog to bring current attention to the incredible plight of people in India - and how we can help.

Thank you for your support: Video

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and love for those in need

Thanks to your generous and fast support, we were able to quickly implement major aid campaigns and more are in the pipeline. We have set up a kind of Indian "food support" bank at various locations, in order to feed the hungry. People can receive freshly cooked meals for two persons to take away.In Trichy alone our church has set up two such food banks as "self-service" operations, and we now provide 1,000 such double meal portions on six days per week.

The people are incredibly grateful. Receiving food aid in full view of the general public due to poverty is a thing of great shame in India for many people. But the need is so great that it is not just those who are "poor anyway" who come to the food banks, but also students and people who come from "actually well-off households".

The church is also driving around the streets in Trichy and distributing food aid packages to the homeless and to beggars.

In this video we would like to share some small impressions of this food aid distribution campaign with you.

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