Blog: Corona Emergency Aid

We write this blog to bring current attention to the incredible plight of people in India - and how we can help.

A privilege

Gideon Jacob at distribution action for people with disabilities

Today (June 23rd) we had the privilege to help 115 physically disabled people and to bring them some joy!

The meeting in our church house was set for 10 am, but most people were already there by 9 am. There were blind people, deaf and dumb, people with mobility difficulties. Some of them had lost limbs, which had been amputated, due to accidents or sickness. Others needed wheelchairs, but could not afford one and therefore they needed a constant companion. A simple manual aluminium wheelchair costs ca. 175 Euros; and a good motorised one costs ca. 1,350 Euros.

The life stories of those attending are often very hard and moving, nevertheless, the event was very enjoyable for many of the participants and they were extremely grateful! One young lady came to our attention in particular, she had a growth in her face, which caused one of her eyes to sag down. She suffered greatly from this sickness and from her appearance. She told us that an operation could improve her appearance, but she could not afford this. The cost: 2,250 Euros! "My daughter has no chance to marry with a face like this", said her father.

The Corona crisis has turned the world upside down for many: In the midst of such extreme need the "Food distribution Campaign" is exactly the right thing to do! Many people in India are living in fear and need – who is going to take care of all of the small children, the girls, the elderly or especially the disabled in the midst of all this chaos?

Thank you for making it possible for us also today to make 115 people happy, who have particularly difficult lives! They now have foodstuffs which will last them for a least one month, and the great relief to know that they will not have to fear hunger for the next four weeks.

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