Blog: Corona Emergency Aid

We write this blog to bring current attention to the incredible plight of people in India - and how we can help.

Church in India: distibution actions / gallery

Corona-Emergency Aid. What does a "normal" day look like for our church staff members? We have ordered all the staff members to stay at home due to the increased danger of infection. This is hard for many of them to accept, but their health and lives are very important to us. In spite of all the precautionary measures, we have already lost 25 churc...
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Thank you for your support: Video

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and love for those in need Thanks to your generous and fast support, we were able to quickly implement major aid campaigns and more are in the pipeline. We have set up a kind of Indian "food support" bank at various locations, in order to feed the hungry. People can receive freshly cooked meals for tw...
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A smile in the pandemic

Rubbish as far as the eye can see. The rubbish from the city of Trichy with millions of inhabitants is piled high around the houses of the 38 families, who live just a few metres next to the rubbish dump and whose lives are dependent on the collecting and sorting of this trash.In January we distributed food aid packages and clothing to these famili...
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An update on the help offered so far

Dear Friends,The next Corona wave has hit us here in Inda. There over 126,789 registered cases of new infections (as of 8.4.2021) and the number of cases is rising daily. This has led to new lockdown measures being introduced. The government here has announced a tougher curfew, which forbids all religious services from being held in Tamil Nadu. (Ex...
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Mission Rubbish Tip

A report from Gideon Jacob Over recent days I have been deeply saddened and cut to the heart by a rubbish tip, which is located five kilometres from our church. The entire refuse from our 1.8 million inhabitants is transported and dumped there. 38 families with 52 children are living directly at the foot of this rubbish tip – exactly five metres di...
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Give the gift of Christmas

Ways to provide help: Code word: "Water buffalo" or "Business start-up". Many young families who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, are trying somehow to open up street businesses or stalls, so that they can at least earn some kind of monthly income. The water buffalo project in Odisha has been a success so far, because many of those receivi...
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Corona Aid: What we have achieved so far

We have written many times about the different Corona distribution campaigns. Here is a small overview of the help given so far: Since April 2020 we have distributed ca. 3,800 food packages throughout India. The target groups were pastors, the relatives of the MoseMinistries ladies, church members, the disabled and needy in our neighbourhoods. The ...
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Food packages for Pastors

The nationwide lockdown has hit pastors and church leaders particularly hard, because many of them are dependent on donations – money and foodstuffs – from their congregations for their livelihood. However for five months no church services could be held. Therefore many pastors and church leaders have no income at all and do not know how to provide...
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Snakes, Corona and a new start

Poisonous snakes in the church Last week we suddenly had poisonous snakes on our church grounds, which had "wandered in" through the main gate from our neighbour's area. The neighbouring area belongs to a Muslim and has been mostly derelict for the last few years. Now the owner is willing to sell the land after all, but for the great sum of 250,000...
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Aid in time of great need

Over the last five months there were many campaigns among the members of our church federation throughout India and other needy people. We have seldom experienced such great joy and thankfulness. For many, these food packages are the only thing that has kept their families alive. Read and hear for yourselves, what the beneficiaries had to say: View...
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The Corona emergency aid has restarted

After the situation in the church has relaxed somewhat and our staff members are healthy again, we have restarted the Corona emergency aid. Firstly the food packages will be distributed among the parents of the MoseMinistries girls in Usilampatti. The girls in Usilampatti who are now married also came with their families for the distribution. Here ...
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Corona Update

Dear Friends, My last 17 days were really very eventful! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for your many and faithful prayers for myself and for all of us in India, also for your support in so many ways! On August 7th I felt physically very odd – high temperature, cough etc. My friend, a doctor in Trichy, sent me an oximeter at once, tog...
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The Corona wave in the church at Trichy

Over the last few weeks the Corona infection wave has rolled over our staff members like a Tsunami. How many of the pastors, staff and MM girls were actually infected is hard to say for sure, as in reality the testing was only very basic. One female staff member with a heart condition was seriously ill, but has since recovered. Then Gideon Jacob al...
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Being a pastor in Corona times

Over the last few months we have often appealed for support for pastors. This is still an important task. But what does a pastor actually do in these Corona times in India? Today I would like to personally introduce one of our younger pastors to you from Trichy: Sam John Aser (31). Gideon: Sam, how did you actually come to faith in Jesus? Sam: I wa...
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Corona Emergency Aid

A few brief impressions of the food aid distribution campaign in various States. Thank you for your support!
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A privilege

Today (June 23rd) we had the privilege to help 115 physically disabled people and to bring them some joy! The meeting in our church house was set for 10 am, but most people were already there by 9 am. There were blind people, deaf and dumb, people with mobility difficulties. Some of them had lost limbs, which had been amputated, due to accidents or...
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Video Post from Gideon Jacob

Your help arrives - post in german with english subtitles
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Food parcels …

… for poor people and pastors. We have launched a food aid campaign in various Federal States and are distributing food packages to pastors, church members and other needy people in the neighbourhood. The packages, lovingly put together, contain rice, linseed, oil, spices, vegetables, tea, something sweet and soap. Packages distributed so far: 2,35...
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Hard Facts (June 2020)

• It is expected, that more than 400 million people will fall into extreme poverty due to the pandemic. • Before the pandemic roughly 250 million people in India did not have enough to eat. • For two out of three children who die under the age of five, the cause of death is malnutrition. That makes 706,000 children per year! Roughly 300,000 childre...
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