Blog: Corona-Nothilfe

Wir schreiben diesen Blog, um aktuell auf die unfassbare Notlage der Menschen in Indien aufmerksam zu machen – und wie wir helfen können.

Corona Aid: What we have achieved so far

We have written many times about the different Corona distribution campaigns. Here is a small overview of the help given so far:

Since April 2020 we have distributed ca. 3,800 food packages throughout India. The target groups were pastors, the relatives of the MoseMinistries ladies, church members, the disabled and needy in our neighbourhoods.

The costs for these packages came to 57,000 Euros. In addition came the cost for several thousand individually packed ready-meals and for the transport, protective equipment and staff members.

On behalf of all the recipients of this aid, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude, that you have made and are still making these campaigns possible. Again and again we have received reports and testimonies of just how valuable this help has been. It has secured the survival of entire families. But the most important thing was not just feeding the physical body, but moreover the encouragement and the proof of the loving care of God, in the midst of this desperate situation. Non-believers could have a first-hand experience of the love of God, for pastors and believers, it was also a mighty testimony for the unity in the body of Christ, and distribution was carried out regardless of denomination, confession or church membership.

We plan to distribute a further 2,000 food packages in North and South India.

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