Blog: Corona-Nothilfe

Wir schreiben diesen Blog, um aktuell auf die unfassbare Notlage der Menschen in Indien aufmerksam zu machen – und wie wir helfen können.

Hard Facts (June 2020)

• It is expected, that more than 400 million people will fall into extreme poverty due to the pandemic.
• Before the pandemic roughly 250 million people in India did not have enough to eat.
• For two out of three children who die under the age of five, the cause of death is malnutrition. That makes 706,000 children per year! Roughly 300,000 children die of malnutrition.
• Since the beginning of the lockdown on March 24th, some 120 to 140 million people in India have lost their job, according to diverse reports.
• 80% of so-called migrant workers have not been paid since the beginning of the lockdown. India has almost 100 million migrant workers!
• One example is the story of Mr Dhas (41). He has lived in Mubai for 20 years and works as a construction worker. His monthly income was 10,000 INR (125 €).With this money he supported his family who live in Bihr (two teenagers and his elderly parents). The distance from Mubai to Bihar is 1,750 km. For the last three months he has not been able to return home to Bihar, and he has not even been able to afford a cup of tea.
• The media recently were often showing video clips of a young child who tried to wake up its dead mother on a platform in Muzaffarpur, and also of a man at the edge of the Jaipur-Delhi highway near Shahpura, who tried to eat the carcass of a dog which had been run over on the road.

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